Requirements and Techniques For CCIE Certification

CCIE is the acronym for Cisco Certified Internetwork Engineer. This certificate shall be regarded as the certification on all Cisco certificates. This certification validates the specialists that are capable of comprehending the subtleties in addition to navigating, end to end challenges. CCIE certificate holders are all round the world. It follows that holding up of certification requires commitment in cash in addition to in time. More info

CCIE certification test advice:

So as to maintain a CCIE certification, a candidate must participate in a written exam in addition to a corresponding laboratory examination.

Written examination:

Written test is solely predicated on computer and is composed of 100 questions. The length for this written examination will be two hours (120 minutes). It’s possible to take a part from any region of the planet using its countless test facilities to this test. So as to get involved in the laboratory exam pass mark needs to be performed from the examination. Pearson exam centre shall arranges online schedule of the examination.

Price of the written examination:

Written exam comprises beta tests and it costs roughly 350 USD. The appraisal prices may change due to exchange prices in addition to local taxes.

Re-takes or Re-attempt:

All candidates that would like to retake this examination should wait at least 5 days between those efforts. Candidates aren’t permitted to take part up to 6 weeks if the examination has been passed from by them.


Candidates must appear for the lab exam within 18 months from the date of passing the written examination. In the event when a candidate fails at the laboratory examination ought to be implemented to create their examination legitimate. If a candidate didn’t employ over 12 weeks for re-test or didn’t pass the laboratory exam within 3 decades, then test expires and they must take the evaluations.

Lab evaluation:

Laboratory examination costs around 1400 USD along with the examination duration is 8 hours. This evaluation is to validate that the capability for configuring the equipments and software in addition to troubleshooting. Fee needs to be paid prior to the examination commences ahead of time. Payment choice can fluctuate depending on the location and outcome of this exam can be obtained within two days.